Promptus Communications, Inc.

VideoConferencing and Conference Room Design

Anything ISDN -
                   Switching, Conversion to Fiber,
                   PRI to BRI, PRI line splitting, 
                   ISDN over IP

TDM/ATM  Multiplexors and Inverse Multiplexing

Interface conversion (Twisted Pair, Fiber, IP, TDM)

About Us

Promptus Communications is a proven company supplying video, telephony and IP/data communications solutions since 1989.
We are a solution provider than can  design and/or produce specialty equipment in combination with commercial off-the-shelf products that we distribute, install and services.

Promptus has significant experience in IP networking, ISDN, Video Conferencing, AV,  IMUXing and encryption products for commercial, military and medical applications. 

Our quality and delivery history is excellent and customer satisfaction is a primary goal..