Promptus Communications, Inc.

VideoConferencing and Conference Room Design

Anything ISDN -
                   Switching, Conversion to Fiber,
                   PRI to BRI, PRI line splitting, 
                   ISDN over IP

TDM/ATM  Multiplexors and Inverse Multiplexing

Interface conversion (Twisted Pair, Fiber, IP, TDM)


Promptus supplies Audio-Visual solutions for many business room types.  Our consulting approach is to survey your requirement and recommend a solution to fit your budget and needs.
We have provided systems for Tele-health, Conference/ Education  Rooms, and Emergency Operations Centers.   Please call or email us if you are considering adding a  video-conference capability and want a perspective of the many choices available today.
IMUX Network Image
IMUX Network Image
From its early days as a communications equipment design and manufacturing company Promptus had the technical knowledge to inter-connect many different types of new and legacy equipment.  The two leading IMUX solutions in the '90s were the Promptus OA100 and the Adtran ISU512.   We now offer a state of art  replacement for both of these products   Click the image to learn more.

We have installed ISDN equipment worldwide and have the  broadest  knowledge of Primary and Basic Rate access solutions in the industry.  The ISO BONDING Inverse Multiplexing  specification started with Promptus.
IMUX Networking
IMUX Networking Diagram